Home bases: 
  • Prelude:  Everett, WA USA - St. Lucia 
  • 1st Year (1600 nm):
    St. Lucia - Jacksonville FL, USA
  • 2nd Year (2162 nm):
    FL, USA - Bahamas & back
  • 3rd Year (10,000+ nm)
    Jacksonville FL - Whangarei New Zealand
  • 4th-5th Years: (need to calculate nm)
    New Zealand - Australia
  • 6th-9th Years: (need to calculate nm)
    on another boat - Pacific Northwest USA - Canada
  • now: in the Bahamas  (need to calculate nm)

Part 1:  Prelude - where in the world was our boat?

World view

Where in the world are Everett WA and Rodney Bay St. Lucia?
Americas view
To give you a little closer look -- from the United States to St. Lucia,
where we bought then later joined our sailboat, Journey. St. Lucia is in the Caribbean,
above Venezuela and below Cuba.
These views were put together using this cool application from Daft Logic, which can also be used to calculate distance in "as the crow flies" miles, nautical miles and more.

Part 2:  1st Year Cruising - St. Lucia to Florida USA

Island -to-Island Overview
This is the overview of our first year's cruising travel, some complete, some intended.  

We began in St. Lucia, September 2012, and plan to arrive in Florida in June 2013, then take out for hurricane season.  As of February 14, 2013, we are in
the Virgin Islands, weaving between the US and British Virgins.... St Croix, 
St. Johns, Tortola, Peter Island....

Travel Timeline Overview
Journey's cruising (for us) began in St. Lucia.  We sailed
from Rodney Bay, down to St. Lucia's Southern tip, to
Vieux Fort, then back up.  We were there Sept  - Oct 2012.
Getting Started in St. Lucia
Rodney Bay had everything we needed to get our boat ship-shape.  However at prices much higher than in the United States, we held off on many repairs we felt could wait until we return to the U.S.  The Rodney Bay cruisers were wonderful to us.  St. Lucia locally grown produce is among the best we've encountered.

  1. Flew from the United States (U.S.) to St. Lucia, Caribbean, and purchased Journey, our 36.5’ sailboat ketch.  She would set in the Rodney Bay Lagoon for 15 months, before we were able to move aboard. (March 2012)
  2. Sailed from Everett, near Seattle, WA, U.S. to Desolation Sound British Columbia, Canada and back in our 27’ O’Day sailboat. (June 30 – July 20 2012)
  3.  Crewed on a sailboat schooner from Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, WA, U.S., near British Columbia, to Southern California’s Santa Barbara. (July 24 – Aug 2, 2012)
  4. Flew from the U.S. to St. Lucia, to board Journey; she’d waited for us 6 months since purchase (Sept 8, 2012)
  5. Sailed St. Lucia’s Western Coast in Journey (Oct 8-13, 2012)
  6. Sailed to Martinique South to North (with some doubling back) along its West Coast (Oct 21 – Nov 4, 2012)
  7. Sailed to Dominica, South to North along its West Coast (Nov 4-9, 2012)
  8.  Sailed to Ilet Les Saints, Guadaloupe (Nov 9, 2012)
  9. Sailed to Guadaloupe mainland, then from Basse-Terre its West to its Pointe A Pitre on its East side (Nov 14, 2012)
  10. Road trips in Guadaloupe
  11. South West side (Nov 13, 2012)
  12. East side to NorthWest side (Nov 17, 2012)
  13. throughout the East side (Nov 18, 2012)
  14. Sailed from Pointe A Pitre, Guadaloupe to English Harbour, Antigua (Nov 21, 2012)
  15. Sailed in Antigua West from English Harbour, to Falmouth Harbour, Jolly Harbour, Hawksbill Beach, Deep Bay, and East to Nonsuch Bay’s Green / Bird Islands and Hugh’s Bay, across to Barbuda’s Southern tip, Coco Point, then West to Low Bay, then back to Antigua (Nov – Dec , 10, 2012)
Meandering in Martinique
We also enjoyed road trips all around the island with an affordable rental car.  Did you know part of the Thomas Crowne Affair was filmed here?  I recognized St. Pierre in it.  This was our first experience with the charm of a French Territory island and excellent government docks!

In Nov 2012, from Martinique, our next passage was Dominica.
It was about 45 miles.

Disappointed in Dominica
We believe we missed out by not exploring Dominica by car.  We've heard other cruisers say Dominica was their favorite island.  It's great for hiking.  We were put of by the need to get a guide most places and by their more expensive rental cars.  Dominica is a natural wonder though, with lush, tropical rain forests.

In Nov 2012, from from Dominica we sailed into Guadeloupe via
The Saintes first. That passage was 21 miles.
Glorious Guadeloupe & Sweet Saintes
Guadeloupe is one of my favorite islands.  Like the the French Territory island of Martinique, we loved the architecture, town squares, abundant fresh local produce.  Guadeloupe's hiking trails are fabulous, and free, and the island is chock full of natural hot springs and waterfalls.  Rental cars are cheap, driving is easy and the people, friendly.  I especially would love to spend more time at Deshaies, and anchor there.  

In Nov 2012 from Guadeloupe, we sailed to
That passage was 48 miles.
Affable Antigua
Part of what made Antigua so fun for us were the other cruisers we hung out with there.  Markedly drier by far than Guadeloupe and island South, we were intrigued by Antigua's century plants.  We enjoyed the snorkeling in English and neighboring Falmouth Harbours, and Nonsuch Bay was incredibly diverse.  Even when opaque, as it was in Jolly Harbour, the water was beautiful.

Been There, Maps & Overviews Coming
These maps will be added soon as they're all places we've already cruised to.  After all, internet access is intermittent and we want to spend more time enjoying where we are than blogging about it!

  • Bowled Over by Barbuda (Dec '12 33 mile passage)
  • Novel Nevis (Dec '12 54 mile passage)
  • Serenaded by St Kitts (Dec '12 10 mile passage)
  • Quick Stop in St. Eustatius (Dec '12 19 mile passage)
  • Mucho Provisioning in St Martin (Dec '12 28 mile passage)
  • Beautiful St. Barts (Jan '13 14 mile passage)
  • Spectacular Saba (Feb '13 28 mile passage)
  • Straightforward St. Croix (Feb '13 88 mile passage)
  • Snorkeling in St Johns (Feb '13 we're not done cruising there yet) (36 mile passage)
  • Tripping Around Tortola (Feb '13 we're not done cruising there yet) (11 mile passage)
  • Paradise on Peter Island (Feb '13 5 mile passage)
  • Filling in more stops between here and our return to Florida for hurricane season, May 2013
  • Total nautical miles traveled 1600
Part 3: 2nd Year Florida USA to Bahamas & Back

December 2013 - May 2014:  

  • Arrived in Florida May 2013.  
  • Worked in Jacksonville FL over hurricane season.
  • Sailed Florida - Bahamas and back Dec 2013 - May 2014
  • Total nautical miles traveled  Dec 2013 - May 2014 season 2162
  • Worked in Jacksonville FL over hurricane season again.

Part 4: 3rd Year - Florida USA to New Zealand

December 2014 - November 2015
This was a big year for us - over 10,000 miles in less than 12 months.  Roughly 1/3 of our time was spent on passage - way too much!  Overview:
  • December 2014 Jacksonville Florida, USA stop at Stuart to visit Dana's folks, at Key West, then Cuba, for New Year's
  • January 2015 Cuba to Colombia's Providencia, to Panama
  • February through Panama Canal, from the Atlantic to the Pacific side
  • March Panama to the South PacificGalapagos
  • March - April (31 days sailing!) Galapagos to French Marquesas
  • April - July French Marquesas to Suwarrow, Cook Islands
  • August Cook Islands to American Samoa 
  • September American Samoa to Tonga
  • November Tonga, a stop at Minerva Reef, then Opua New Zealand
  • New Zealand, until cyclone season ended
  • Total nautical miles traveled 10,000+
Part 4 - New Zealand to Australia
Journey's finale for us, but not the end of our journeys.
  • April 2016 sail from New Zealand to Australia
    • Fiji
    • Vanuatu
    • New Caledonia
    • Australia
  • Selling our boat
  • Completing our circumnavigation of Australia over land
Part 5 - Return to the USA - onto another boat
From culture shock to find a different path for us.
  • May 2017 return to the US
  • July 2017—back on a boat—a trawler! Pacific Northwest cruising and living aboard
  • September 2018—temporarily move to Florida
  • May 2019, returned to Pacific Northwest cruising and lived aboard again
  • September 2020—sold our boat
Part 6 - Sailing the Bahamas on another sailboat
We call it our COVID Plan #27. 
  • Bought our sailboat boat on January 22, 2021, in Jacksonville Florida
  • Set sail Feb 6, 2021, from Jacksonville
  • Bahamas Feb 23 2021 until mid-late May 2021
  • Planned: US Eastern seaboard June until Nov 2021 (haulout sometime this summer)
  • Planned (tentatively): Nov 2021 set sail to return to the Caribbean
  • After that, TBD
Other Stuff
I am working on a book series of our travels, with the first release targeted for sometime in 2021. My author's page is a bit of a placeholder for now, but if you'd to stay posted on its progress, click here

I also do a bit of freelance writing and editing. My "beats" are food and travel, health, relationships, and services (ex. financial planners, coaches, counselors, executive recruiters, kayaking tours). I write and edit articles (including Cruising World and 48 North), blogs, website content, and books. 


  1. So will you be going through the Panama Canal?

  2. Yes, though not this year. We wil after hurricane season for 2013 is done.

    This year will be our "shakeout" in the Caribbean; 4-6 weeks getting the boat and us ready, then setting sail out of St. Lucia in mid-October. We'll head toward Florida, where we plan to work for the 2013 hurricane season, then set sail from there, South, through the Panama Canal, across to the Galapagos, the Marquesas and beyond.

    One step at a time though!

    We just got back from 3 awesome weeks sailing from Puget Sound through and beyond Desolation Sound in Canada's British Columbia. Not much internet access so lots to catch up on!

    Monday we crew a restored 85' vintage wooden schooner from Roche Harbor to San Diego.

    Then friends and family visits, then off to St. Lucia....

  3. Guys, good blog. If thinking of sailing to Australia and selling the boat be aware of a couple of things (plenty more). You will have an AQIS inspection where they ask if the boat has visited a number of places, including Florida as these places are at high risk of beetle/bug infestation. Chances are you will have to get the boat fumigated.
    If you hauled the boat for a bottom job within 12 months of arrival you will be asked to provide the receipts for the bottom paint. If you happen to use a TBT booster in the antifoul make sure you don't give them that receipt!
    Good luck

    1. Thanks for the tips. Indeed, Australia is very environmentally protective in ways that challenge cruisers. It's one of the reasons we're pet-less, though tentatively plan to adopt a kitty or two before leaving Oz. After that, it's not much of a problem. Meanwhile, we're living vicariously through other's pets (like this cat-sitting adventure

  4. Hello Wayne and Dana, Just curious after reading all about you and the 365, are you in NZ or AUSat this time?? I an an expat from so Cal living in Nelson NZ.


    1. Hi Mike
      Great to hear from you!

      Ohhhh You went to the section I'm worst about keeping up on; the PLACES page. Seems like I update it at the end of cruising season as that's when I finally get decent power and internet.

      Now at the end of each blog post I put something about our current location and often we're we're headed next.

      We are currently in the Marquesas. Our ETA for NZ is cyclone season - November - until May.

      I'll write you separately on you email. We'd love to meet you while in NZ this year.

      Dana (& Wayne)