Wayne & Dana, Sailors

Pearson 365 sailboat sailors
Wayne Seitz, Captain, Dana Greyson, First Mate & Galley Wench.
St Thomas ISVI
s/v Journey. Photo courtesy of Michael Briggs
Wayne's the kinda guy who's comfortable parking an 80 million dollar plane in a hangar with 8" clearance on each side.  He's also one heck of a mechanic.  Great qualities for a captain!

Dana's working on her sailing skills so she'll offer more than good company and good food -- aka -- "deck fluff."  A published freelance writer (including some Cruising World shorts), she's chronicling our travels at  On occasion, she likes being a bit naughty in the blog, with Wayne's encouragement.


  1. WOW! Cool blog. Thanks for checking our blog out. Looks like you guys are moving fast through the islands. Where are you headed? How long are you staying out? We loved Guadalupe. We did not get to Barbuta, as the weather was not favorable. We spent Christmas at the Big bay in southern Antigua,can't remember the name.
    Just wanted to drop you a note. I will read more of your blog in the next few days.
    All the Best
    sv Bright Water

  2. Thanks, Nancy! We feel honored as your blog, is excellent. We posted a link to it on our "Check these out!" sidebar.

    We're taking our time in Antigua, as long as the weather favors the routes we hope to take, like going to Barbuda. At the moment we're in Nonsuch Bay, which is west of Falmouth / English Harbour. Betting that's where you spent Christmas, unless it was maybe Deep Bay or Jolly Harbour, which we also enjoyed and may revisit before we leave Antigua.

    Nevis or Montserrat are next....

    Not yet sure where we'll spend Christmas, probably in St. Maarten.

    Soon I'll be adding a chart map of our travels to date and planned travels. Manual for now, hope to add a blogspot eventually.

    And you?

  3. Been checking your Galley Wench regularly !!!
    Thanks so much for being able to keep track of you and Wayne

    Phil ( Waynes dad, for those who want to know )

    1. hey hey Phil or Wayne seitz this Mark please call me at 714 581 1399

  4. Nice work Dana, I was jealous of your trip earlier, now I really am. Thanks for sharing, i appreciate the opportunity to live vicariously through you guys. BC_Dave

  5. Thanks, Dave. It's a little lonely out here sometimes so the positive feedback is much appreciated.

    We have room for an additional single or couple for a little while, as long as they're ok with living in tight quarters and practically camping. For the next month and a half we'll be in the Virgins and could easily meet anyone who flies into the area within a week's notice.

    After that it's Puerto Rice, the Bahamas, then Florida in June. Then November 2013 headed toward Panama & the South Pacific....

  6. Enjoyed meeting both of you at St.Thomas Magens bay, March 17th. Only wish days like that would never end... We went back to the same beach the next day hoping by chance you would be their again. Enjoyed the day but didn't have nice folks like you two to visit with. We made it back home to Oklahoma and Texas safely and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to USVI. I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey.
    Doug and Jon

  7. Doug and Jon we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, too! Sure wish we met you two earlier as we'd enjoy hanging out with you and really would've liked to take you up on your offer for a "normal" shower and introduce you to our boat, for a drink, a dinner or an overnight.

    We'll be doing this for a while so feel free to keep in touch through the blog or email (we don't have your email). Happy to tell you about the fun beaches we find, and would welcome meeting you in the future, should the stars so align.

    BTW will be doing a write-up on Magen's Beach.... just haven't yet. The blog is not always linear; I try to make each entry more like a mini-story than a diary. There never seems to be a shortage of stuff in the hopper.

    Meanwhile, welcome back home & we feel honored to be part of your USVI visit.

    Dana & Wayne

  8. Elizabeth Ellingsen-WannamakerOctober 7, 2014 at 1:38 AM

    Hi Dana & Wayne! My hubby and I are so wanting to do what you're doing. We live in Everett, and are just chomping at the bit to sail off to places like you! Our sailboat is moored in Anacortes, and I am sure sick to death of the weather around here! Glad I found your blog!

  9. Thanks, Elizabeth. Everett weather inspired us... to leave! What's your sailboat? Is there anything we can do to help in terms of answering questions or giving you a sense for how to plan? BTW blog will pick up a lot more once we get back on the boat in December. Wish you & hubby the best!

  10. hey hey wayne its mark please have DAD phil call me 714 581 1399

  11. Contact kitty, Gmail address or cell number. Gargoyle...?

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