Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas from Transitionville

Yes, this Christmas is a little weird—at least for us. Photo credit: pexels-alexandr-podvalny-3219762.jpeg

For us, this Christmas is one more strange day in a strange year. We suspect we are not alone in this perspective.

However, we are looking forward to spending Christmas with family in the Portland area and much of the rest of the holiday season with friends as long as "snowmageddon*" allows it.

*Any snow in Portland, Oregon generally brings most normally scheduled activities to a standstill.

Other than that, we're still in transition, on the hunt for a home base after many years without one. When there's more news on that front, I'll post about it.

As for you—

May all your very best holiday wishes come true!

Please drop us a line and let us know what you're up to this holiday season.


  1. Hey Dana and Wayne!

    Merry Christmas! It has just started snowing up north in Puyallup area, have a great time in the snow!


    1. Enjoy!

      It's supposed to start snowing her tonight. Our car isn't well equipped for the snow so while we'll appreciate its beauty we'll breathe a sigh of relief when it abates. We're still hoping we'll be able to spend time with friends and family but plan to minimize our travel until the white stuff is gone.

  2. Merry Christmas. We are cooking for a few friends today.

    1. Lucky friends—you are a fabulous cook! What are you making?