Monday, January 19, 2015

Awwww Sh--! (Short & Funny)

dry tortugas cruising destination florida wildlife
Sooty tern resting on our boat's bimini (canvas covering) at Dry Tortugas.
"How cute!" we exclaimed when this little sooty tern* paid our boat an early morning visit at Dry Tortugas.  
We get a kick out of the feathered fellas who visit our boat (click here for another good example).

"Stop pestering the bird," Wayne admonished.  No doubt he felt empathetic with the sooty tern when it comes to feeling pestered by me brandishing my camera.

dry tortugas cruising destination
Sooty tern's "calling card."
After the tern flew off, I saw it left us a not-so-welcome thank you gift.

"That's what you get for pestering him," Wayne said.

*The Dry Tortugas is a major nesting site for sooty terns.

florida wildlife cruiser activities hiking
One of the smaller hermit crabs we saw
on Dry Tortugas.  They were prolific!

Location, Location.
January 19, 2015.  Retrospective of December 27-28 2014, USA, Dry Tortugas, Florida’s Southernmost point (N24.37.556 W82.57.668).  Dry Tortugas was our last stop in the United States on our way to Panama. We are currently in Bocas del Toro Panama (N09.20.142 W82.40.718), catching up after a dearth of internet, and exploring and preparing for our trip through the Panama canal, gateway to our South Pacific sailing adventure.


  1. Love your posts! I spent a little time putting together a Google app that maps your waypoints. Doesn't have lines in between - but if you click on each waypoint you can see the GPS detail. I entered a few. Requires a URL to enter the detail - which I can email you (if interested, send me your current email address). Here's the URL to the map...

    1. Thanks, Doug. Cool! There's an application called "daft logic" I've used before that does put in connection lines. It's not set by lat/long, though. You punch in the name of a location and can move it around to the right spot. Sharing it is tricky though; it's set to share as a FB or Twitter post. I do screen snaps from it but they're not zoom-able.

  2. Also, I can send you the code to embed in your blog - if you'd refer that.

    1. Not sure if this app or Daft Logic is the better way to go. If Daft was zoomable without having to post it on twitter or FB that would be my choice.

  3. Just be happy it was not pelican crap! Loving it keep it coming. Ken