Thursday, April 17, 2014

Luminous Water Cay by Kayak

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Dreamy… but real.  Our Pearson 365 sailboat reflected off
Water Cay’s glassy surface.
Do you ever feel like you’re an invisible dot, a veritable, insignificant fly on the wall, blissfully surrounded by nature’s majesty?

Water Cay, Jumentos, BAHAMAS recently cast that dreamy spell....

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Two inches or 30+ feet?  The water was
equally, stunningly clear, just lightly
ruffled in the breeze.
The morning was ripe with springtime splendor.   Everything onshore was suffused in golden light.  The watery world, glassine, totally transparent.  

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Glass-bottle-green shallows at Water Cay,
wade-able in the ebbing tide.
The only sounds were muted… the whisper of wind, the rhythm of tides, the stroke of my paddle, dipping, the light drag of my kayak ashore, slight crunch of sand underfoot, the enquiry of a young osprey….

The tide ebbed.  I waded, walked, clambered and paddled, watching the world flow around me. 

cruising destinations cruising activities hiking kayaking
Sand rivulets studded with limestone rock mini-islands,
Water Cay Jumentos.
All too soon, it was time to move on.  An unfriendly weather front was rolling in.  To a one, every Water Cay boat, including ours, fled for safety.

Water Cay, meanwhile, continued, benignly, as it had, as it would continue to, in its seemingly fragile beauty, tough as nails, far tougher than us….

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Water Cay shells… sea biscuits, sea urchin and
sunrise tellins (or maybe coquina clams).
Location Location
April 17, 2014, BAHAMAS.  This is a recent retrospective, from about a month ago when we were in Water Cay, Jumentos.  We’re currently anchored off Cat Island, New Bight (N24.17.234 W75.25.145) and trying to decide how to balance our travel plans with a mix of windless days and incoming westerlies where there’s little westerly protection.  

cruising destinations cruising activities hiking kayaking
Clouds, sand, sea meet at Water Cay, Jumentos.
Ideally, we’d like to spend a few more days on Cat Island, return sail to Little San Salvador for a few days, then off to explore around Eleuthra, then the Abacos before putting our boat on the hard for hurricane season somewhere in Florida by June.


  1. Beautifull photos! I envy you...
    P.S. Made my version of your delicious orange-cranberry sauce you made for Thanksgiving dinner in Antigua in 2012 and it turned out great! Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Yay! It's just not Thanksgiving to me without that so glad you like it too.

      I will hunt down some pumkinseed oil when back in the States. That was really yummy!

      Water Cay was really pretty! So was the Ragged Island area when the weather was cooperative and Conception. Blogs on those areas coming up.

      Funny, Lili, as beautiful as the Bahamas waters are, the sea life is far less diversified and far less plentiful as the places we snorkeled last year.... especially the Virgin Islands reefs.

      Wayne and I hope by some miracle we'll be able to sail together again. Miss you guys!

  2. great pictures. the waters look clear and inviting

    1. Jerry - hard to go wrong in such a pretty spot. We were lucky enough to enjoy a few days there before we had to beat tracks as there's little protection there if the winds pick up.

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