Monday, November 11, 2013

(Almost) Naked Boat for Countdown

Journey sailboat getting ready for cruising
Journey feels naked in the cold morning with her sailcovers,
bimini and dodger off in Ortega Landing Marina.
Hooray and oh-my-gosh!  Only 18 days until we set sail, weather windows permitting. Our target date continues to be Dec 1st, 2013.

Meanwhile, our lazarettes are stripped while Wayne completely rewires Journey, steadily checking off his project spreadsheet list daily.  Our boat looks naked with our sailcovers, bimini and dodger gone for repair (click here for earlier post to see why).  

The backseat of our car is jammed with the dinghy we're hoping to sell in exchange for a bigger one (2012 hypalon dinghy, anyone?  perfect for a solo sailor on a smaller sailboat)....

rushing to work
Terrible photo, yeah... rushing from
shower to work, towel in tow, still.
West Marine Cruiser's Forum
announcements in the window.
Meanwhile, West Marine is helping reduce our B.O.A.T. (bring on another thousand) with generous enough employee discounts it feels great to work there 5 days a week.  Stretching myself a bit thin as I couldn't resist pitching in on helping launch an innovative redesigned cast iron skillet (click here to learn about that and it just got covered in Wired -- click here for that), the first cast iron skillet I'll ever use (not counting Dad's, used as a kid).

Anyhow, that's why my posts are a bit thin of late.  Not for lack of material!!!!

Watch for more frequent posts when we set sail.

Meanwhile, where are you at on your cruising schedule?


  1. "where are you at on your cruising schedule"

    Cruising into the hospital Thursday at 0700 for another heart blockage. Sigh. Ken

    1. Ken- Sending good vides your way, Ken. May you heal very quickly and feel sunshine and warm winds going your way soon.

  2. Cruising into my 6th full week of unemployment and loving it!! Getting lots of exercise and quiet time. I can't believe you guys are heading out again already-that's awesome! Take care and happy sails. Ellen

    1. Ellen -- was just asking Wayne how you were doing! Let's catch up over the phone!