Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Marina Life: Orphaned Otter Odyessy

Otto the Otter:  in his early orphaned days.
You never know who your neighbors will be when you're going nomad.

I missed out meeting on this guy; he came and left before my time.

Bertie, one of my walking buddies here in Ortega Marina, Jacksonville adopted an abandoned baby otter in the hopes of helping him return to the wild.  That's not quite how it turned out, but there is a happy ending anyway.


Check it out when you click this link.

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  1. Hi guys - We're checking in on you in Florida and love hearing about the community you've become a part of there. But.... what's all this nonsense about jobs and working?! (Kidding.... sort of.)

    As for "what would you like to see" on Galley Wench Tales? MORE FOOD!!

    Mad & Skip
    s/v Saralane

    1. Mad & Skip
      Great to hear from you.

      Yeah... this working stuff does wreak havock with my blog posts.... Only so much writing time outside of what's on deadline.

      More food? maybe next (or soon).... my 1st go with a pressure cooker.... (Did I blow up the boat?)

      I do plan to do some features on eating local food here. Funny to try quirky new foods in my own country....

      Meanwhile, thanks for keeping us up n your adventure with while we're kinda land-bound until December or so...

      Any more published articles in the hopper? It was so cool to see your in Blue Water Sailing!

      Oh, if it's any consolation, we've alternated between rain & thunderstorms and heat indexes as high as 107. That aside, actually am enjoying Jacksonville.

      Smooth sailing & fair winds to you!

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  3. No new articles at the moment.... but I'm sure there are more to come!

    When you get back to Dominica, you don't need follow in anyone else's footsteps (ours included!) just spend a lot of time there and enjoy getting to know the Dominicans. They love their island and are happy to share information on their favorite beautiful places to go!

    Standing by to see how things go with the pressure cooker....

  4. Good to know.

    When we weren't getting pestered to purchase a tour, we very much enjoyed the Dominicans we met. The Pitons left us a little too sensitive to that, so we didn't stick around Dominica very long.

    Pressure cooker went well!