Monday, July 29, 2013

Lizard Condos

A light by night; lizard condos by day.
While there’s still a slew of Caribbean posts to catch up on (keep posted – they are coming), mother nature in Jacksonville is just as exotic, sometimes!  Manatees, gators, dolphins, lizards, herons, cormorants, and more (“Oh my!”). 

Today’s observation….

Flick of a tail.  Look again.  There’s a carnelian Adam’s Apple bulging, lizard-speak for “Hey, Baby, C,mon, get down and dirty with your real local resident lounge lizard.”  Given the proliferation of lizards, whatever they're saying or doing, it seems to work.

There’s one or two lizards in each of these lights
along our marina’s walkway.
Considering my aversion to mosquitos and worse yet, no-see-ums (click here if you’re up for a squirmy prior post on that) the local lizards get my top vote for scaly heroes in Jacksonville.  Despite lots of rain and standing water, we are mosquito and no-see-um free here.  Thank you.

What alternate universes co-exist in your paradise, urban or wild?  Are you missing them?  If you’re not, please share your stories!

More domesticated marina wildlife; fellow cruiser Ron
holding his senior schnauzer, “Shultzie”


  1. We seem to be biting insect free as well, but the lizard population is non existent. Our local feral cats take care of that. However, a few boats down I believe we may have some lizard people. They pop their heads back in their boat when you walk by, then pop out watching as you walk away. They don't say much, and tend to look at you sideways. I might stop by with a casserole with some flies on top and see if they eat it.

  2. If only the feral cats ate the bugs instead of the lizards.

    It would be tough to beat a fly-topped casserole when it comes to lizard-love, though you can also admire your local lizard's push-up and throat bulge abilities.