Thursday, July 4, 2013

Graveyard Juggling (An Update)

For those of you who regularly follow Galley Wench Tales, Jacksonville is not a Bermuda triangle vortex where cruisers disappear.

Why, you might then wonder, is the blog so quiet?

We've stopped in Jacksonville until December to work and replenish our cruising kitty (aka boat bucks -- click here for more about that).  Wayne's aircraft mechanic skill, coupled with his avionics experience meant within 2 weeks he had several jobs to choose from.  He chose one in Jacksonville, where we could live on our boat in a great marina (Ortega Marina is fabulous!).  Wayne's working a graveyard shift at Flightstar, providing maintenance on planes from Delta, FedEx and Southwest (click here for more about our re-entry).

As the trailing spouse, I couldn't begin my job search until I knew where we'd be.  Once here, after we got some basics squared away, I began my search.

I landed 2 new jobs!

One is with West Marine, as a sales associate; the perfect job for someone working on their boat (awesome employee discounts).  From application to start was just a few days; I've already logged those first few days and am scheduled again tomorrow.  It's at a flagship store (big!) and my colleagues are friendly and upbeat.  It's a fun place to be -- "a toy store!" as our manager says.  

My second job is freelance writing; still writing for Vancouver Family Magazine (2 articles in process) and now also freelancing for a local neighborhood newspaper, The Resident Community News, where I also have a couple articles in process.  As well I have the pleasure of writing and editing for the delightful Connie Dorigan, of Dorigan & Assoc's enewsletters.  All jobs are part time.

Now we are finally someplace long enough to get my Mac fixed under extended warranty. In April,  a few weeks before my 3 year warranty ran out, my tracking pad died.  Apple was willing to grandfather me in as soon I was someplace I could fix it, even though by the time I got there I would be out of warranty.  So, my Mac is in the shop for now, along with my library of iPhoto images.

As well, my phone and phone plan is now capable of supporting the 52 minute wait time from my camera's support line to request the return of my camera's missing parts.  There's a few more similar tasks to chase down; undo-able while cruising.
As Wayne's graveyard shift is 11 pm - 7 am; we're juggling when each of us should be on... and off... the boat for each other to sleep.  Between that at my Mac's inaccessibility, I'm behind on blogging and remiss on photos (Wayne's sleeping whilst I type this on his laptop).

Soon, though, my Mac will be back, and Wayne and I better coordinate our schedules.  Just a few more days and I'll be blogging -- with photos again.

Since I'm in Florida, guess that means it's okay to say "Y'all come back real soon, 'k?"


  1. Glad you are settled down for a while, and congratulations on both of you getting jobs so quickly. Sounds like things have worked out let's ALL hope there are no hurricanes affecting us directly this year! Oh, and good luck with the Mac repair. Ethereal

  2. Now for the dangerous position you are in working for WM. Beware, you can spend every dime you make if you are not careful! So many toys, so little time. :) Good you are working a flagship. I think you will get more exposure to all things retail boating than at some of the smaller stores. Will come in handy if you ever relocate to a different area. Smaller stores are just limited (ie it is easier to go from a big store to a little than small to large). Ken

  3. Ethereal, so far so good. Chantal's aftermath is wet, but there was anything more serious we have floating docks, and it's still too much there are mangroves nearby rumored to be good hurricane holes.

    Ken, so far being very good overall about waiting to see what my WM employee discount pricing is on our wish list (exceptions: joker valve, shirt for Wayne for a bday prezzie and some KO which will be addressed in a future post), factoring that in our too-big-for-our-budget wishlist, then prioritizing then buying. Yes, I have no doubt I will spend more than I make at WM. I am viewing my discount savings as an adjunct to my hourly wage (with Wayne's blessing); otherwise, fun as it is, the job just doesn't make sense. This would not work if I were the sole or primary income earner; at this stage, that's Wayne.