Sunday, April 21, 2013

“Ground Hog Day” Ends on Day 33! Hallelujah!

Yesterday, after 33 days with a dead diesel engine (click here for more about what happened), it finally ROARED back to life.  Today, at long last, we head Northwest.

What was the problem? 

Wayne summarized it on Cruiser’s Forum (click here for that – look on page 6, response #77). Watch this blog for a future post -- my non-technical summary of the mild temporary insanity that ensued in the interim.

For now, this is short and sweet as it’s time to move on!

PS Thanks for all those good vibes sent by friends and family.  Maybe it just took a little longer for our engine to hear it across the miles.  And thank you, Joseph, for your faith & persistence.


  1. Hallelujah indeed, Dana. You and Wayne must be thrilled to bits. Absolutely delighted the problem is solved. Now ....

    ...Let the cruising fun begin!


  2. We are indeed! Albeit a bit poorer though wiser; we know we share lots of good cruiser company in that respect.

    The adventure resumes! Far more adventure than internet at the moment, so lots to catch up on.

    Smooth sailing to you, too, and yours, Karen!