Sunday, March 31, 2013

Extra Freshwater Rinse

Yes, that is my soggy SUNdress that’s getting all
those extra freshwater rinses, courtesy of
Mother Nature.  When it’s dry, it’s time
to wear it again!  Maybe.

Yes, it rains in paradise, or, in this case, St. Thomas, which at this moment is my least favorite Caribbean island to date.  It’s not even the rainy season.  And today Wayne didn’t even apply Cetol to prompt the rain (click here if you’re curious about that). 

Yesterday’s squalls led to rougher than usual water in our foray into Gregory Channel West, thoroughly saltwater soaking us in our dinky dinghy.

We warmed up with a hot freshwater shower, giving our clothes a rinse along with us.

Then we hung our clothes out to dry in our cockpit, not wanting to add any more humidy to our already stuffy salon.  We realized our clothes would get a little more freshwater rinse before the day was done.  Today is day 2 of their freshwater rinse.

Will they get a third rinse before they’re ready to return to what eventually will be the dehumidified confines of our cozy salon?  Dunno.

Someday, we’ll have our water catchment system installed and this rain will be a bounty.  We’ll be using it instead of our generator to refill our tanks when our solar sytem isn’t saving up for a rainy day ‘cause the sun isn’t shining.

Meanwhile, perspective and humor helps.  Drip. Drip. Drip.


  1. Into each life a little rain shall fall! It's a pretty dress :) Ethereal

  2. Quite a bit of late; literally. Thank goodness we have a generator to make up for when the dun don't shine.

    Wayne jokes about having a fling with the dress -- with or without me in it. Beats the heck out of "Why the heck did you buy that!?!" Wayne's a keeper;).

  3. Awww bless him! He'd better know how to say the right thing to you in a tight space like that or he's in for merry hell. Ethereal