Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Octopus's Garden

Yes, that is an octopus on the floor of our cockpit!  Wayne said
he thought the octopus looked pissed off.  Can't say that I'd
blame him.... or her.
With no disrespect to the Beatles & Ringo Starr, today I found an octopus's garden... in a conch!

Here's the conch....
Found this in about 20 feet of water,
snorkeling off our boat.  My plan was
just to show it to Wayne, take a picture
and return it to the sea.  I was sure

there was no conch inside.

This gives you a little better sense of the octopus's size.
The blue is the tip of my snorkel fin.
They're relatively small fins.

He (or she) slithers his octopussy tentacles back into its shell.
Getting ready for his (or her) return to the sea....

In the future I will be more cautious about being an unintentional homewrecker!


  1. Very cute! I've had similar experiences with hermit crabs, but never an octopus. Ethereal

  2. We've found crabs to be surprisingly intrepid here! There will be future post on that!