Friday, October 5, 2012

Nearly Powerless Cooking: What Made the Galley Cut

More or less, this is all that came from my kitchen for
Journey's galley.

If you could only bring 10% (or much less!) of your kitchen’s food prep and serving implements, and nothing that requires plugging in, what would make the cut? 

When it comes to galley selections, inches, amperages (low-to-no power consumption) and multi-purpose items rule.  Mix in your best wild guess of what someone else’s kitchen (galley) would be left behind for your use.  You’ve never met your galley benefactor; and are utterly clueless as to whether their normal fare is purely peanut butter and jelly or Martha Stewart.

The Boat Galley was a great resource. I knew I’d want a set of nestled non-stick pots & pans and Wayne bought the set they recommended, though I hated to get rid of the set I had at home.  That was a good call; it gets used daily.

Fortunately Kathy, the previous owner, left behind quite a few useful goodies, particularly
  • silverware
  • various tupper-esque containers
  • mugs
  • Corning dishes
  • teapot
  • can opener
  • tongs
  • rubber scraper
  • loads of little plastic stackable / nestable organizing “baskets”

I brought my:
  1. favorite knives, the long meat and long serrated ones that my Dad brought back from Switzerland decades prior, and one cleaver, all recently re-sharpened, with new plastic sheaths, one smaller serrated knife and a grapefruit knife (indulgent, but I love grapefruit and it doesn’t take up that much room)
  2. non-stick nestled pot & pan set
  3. cutting sheets
  4. measuring cups
  5. 8” x 8” Pyrex cooking baking dish with rubber storage lid
  6. silicone muffin “trays”
  7. several lidded Pyrex containers for leftovers
  8. French press for coffee
  9. hand-held, battery-operated rechargeable mixing wand
  10. 3 plastic drinking tumblers
  11. 4 plastic rectangular plates with a respectable lip around their edge
  12. medium-sized wooden salad bowl and tongs
  13. corkscrew / bottle opener
  14. vegetable peeler
  15. plastic spatula
  16. strainer
  17. spatter guard
  18. “orphan” silverware, a few unsold pieces from my decades-old set
  19. crab-eating accoutrements (crackers and diggers – not sure of their correct culinary names)
  20. turkey baster
  21. lots and lots of ziplocks in quart, gallon & 2-gallon sizes – for more than just galley use
  22. 2 plastic egg cartons to buy fresh eggs, direct

What do I wish I’d brought? 
  • grater (bought here)
  • silicone loaf pan (bought here)
  • ladle (bought here)
  • (more) Pyrex containers
  • Melitta cone and filters
  • colander
  • plastic serving bowls (bought here – after one of the glass set left, shattered rather dramatically)
  • BBQ (the propane one on board was corroded enough we left it behind; it’s on our “buy when back in the U.S.” list)
  • drinking glasses for serving guests

Impractical, but really miss…

Don’t miss…
  • my garlic press, which once upon a time that was one of my most essential tools.

Our 3-week sailing trip to Desolation Sound was invaluable for helping me make the right minimalist choices (only about 25 items!) for my galley.  While there are a few regrets, so far, so good!  At least, no complaints from Wayne.

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