Saturday, September 8, 2012

We're Here! Our Luggage is Not.

Just a quick post for now.  Despite the 1st leg of Wayne's flight not happening, he rerouted and we were able to travel from Miami to St. Lucia* together.  We arrived yesterday afternoon.

All Wayne's check-in luggage -- 5 boxes of the stuff we'll use for our daily living for the next 9 months -- did not.  The airport folks say it will arrive on today's flight.

Our boat is here, too!

Now we begin getting us and the boat ready to roll when hurricane season ends, around mid-October.


  1. Wayne and Dana OR Dane and Wayna as you have come to be known, so glad to hear you are safely there-even if your luggage has not yet arrived. Thinking of you both and knowing that you are fully taking care of one another. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in St. Lucia over the next month. Take care my friends, with love, Ellen

    1. Ellen... Are you & James now boat owners too?

      Thank you so much for everything when we were in Portland.

      We look forward to welcoming you to some tropical paradise; St. Lucia is a good start. We're making good headway making Journey guest-worthy.

      Love, Wayne & Dana