Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Milkman Did It!

Our friend Gary calls this "the death boat" since
it scrape-clunked his.  Gregory, its captain
must've gotten the message
as he's quite careful now.

No milk deliveries (yet?) but Gregory glides up twice a day in his boat, offering up fresh fruits and veggies.  He’s pricey, but his produce is excellent.  Friends Sven and Ilsa are Gregory regulars; they like supporting him and the crops from his folk’s farm in Soufriere.

Great tip from Gregory.  Papayas
or "paw-paws" go from just
ok to "Wow!" with a
squeeze of lime over their
pulp, after seeding them.
We appreciate Gregory's vsits
more now, that we're
at anchor.


  1. Hey, Dana.
    Just catching up with your posts. Save some of the paw paw seeds and after rinsing off the flesh, whip up a salad dressing and add the seeds for a paw paw seed salad dressing on top of your favorite greens.

  2. Thanks, Anna
    We'll give that a try!

    So far our favorite salad is cukes, peeled and pickled in vinegar, water, a pinch of salt & sugar, served with ripe, chopped tomatoes. Very refreshing on a hot, humid day. And star fruit, which they call "5 fingers" in St. Lucia, sliced is a great salad topper. It's dirt cheap; about 10 cents each at the grocery here.

    Miss you. We're working on making our boat guest-worthy as well as sea-worthy;). BTW, St. Lucia is really beautiful; reminds me of the Big Island, Hilo, the rainy side.